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Member of the International jury of the XXIX International Pop Song Performers Contest “VITEBSK-2020”, singer

Tomas Christiansen, better known by his stage name Tomas N'evergreen, was born in Aarhus, Denmark’s second largest city, on 12 November 1969.

He started his music career at a tender age. Aged 17, he took part in a European tour as a drummer.

The N’vergreen project that brought him fame was originally created as a duet of Tomas Christiansen and Jacob Johansen.

However, the Mega label, which supports performers, was bought by the German company Edel, which had no plans to produce an unknown band from Scandinavia. Jacob Johansen left the project. Tomas Christiansen decided to go on his solo career, turning the band’s name into his stage name.

Tomas spent two years on the first album “Since You’ve been Gone”. The project was supported by the world-famous musicians from Europe and America. The strings were provided by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra. The best singers working with Stevie Wonder were invited for backing vocals. While preparing the album, Tomas Christiansen recorded the parts of all the instruments in the song “Since You've been Gone”. The album was mixed by John Van Nest from Los Angeles, who is known for his work on Michael Jackson’s “History” album.

The success of the debut album was unprecedented. Hundreds of thousands of copies were sold in Russia alone. After that, the singer’s tour schedule included the concert halls of Moscow, St. Petersburg, Almaty, Kiev and many other cities, along with the largest venues in Western Europe and Scandinavia.

The success of the debut album was proved by the songs “Just Another Love Song” and “She Believes in Gold” (the video was shot in Minsk, Belarus), which for a long time were highest-charting hits in various countries of Eastern Europe and still get in the radio rotation.

In 2010, a new stage in his creative path began. The duet of Kristina Chanee and Tomas N’evergrin with the song “In A Moment Like This” took fourth place at the Eurovision Song Contest 2010 (Oslo, Norway).

In May 2010, their joint album was released, followed by a lengthy concert tour of Europe.

In 2010, N’evergrin performed in the concert “Eurovision Stars” with Eurovision finalists from different years in the framework of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.

In Russia he pursues not only his solo career. He’s joined the Russian show business and records duets with Kristina Orbakaite, Leonid Agutin, “A-Studio” and others.

At the end of 2012, the song “Ay-ay-ay” with Leonid Agutin reached the top of the charts in Russia and abroad.

In 2015, the dance song “Falling For You” with “A-Studio” group became a nominee for the Russian Music Award “Muz-TV” as the “Best song in a foreign language”.

In 2015, he performed at the International Festival “Golden Hit” (Mogilev, Belarus).

His music is in the films “Lyubov-Morkov-2” (2008), “Vsyo vklyucheno, or All inclusive!” (2012) and “All inclusive-2” (2013).

Tomas continues to work on a new repertoire and actively tours.

He lives in the Moscow region, takes part in TV and radio shows in Russia and Belarus.

Albums: “Since You’ve Been Gone” (CD, 2003). “In a Moment Like This” (2010).

Singles: “Every Time” (“I See Your Smile”, 2003); “In a Moment Like This” (2010); “Just Another Love Song” (2004); “She Believes in Gold” (2005); Taina bez tain” (2011); “Ay-ay-ay” (2012); “Falling for you” (2014).