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Площадь Свободы
подземный переход «Летний амфитеатр – ТРК «Марко-сити»

ПН-ВС 10.00–19.00

ОБЕД 14.00–15.00

+375 212 35-91-25

Площадь Победы
г. Витебск, Пл. Победы (подземный переход)

СР-ВС 10.00–19.00

ОБЕД 14.00–15.00


+375 212 27-23-39

Концертный зал «Витебск»
г. Витебск, парк Фрунзе, 1 (Концертный зал «Витебск», каб. 210)

ПН-СБ 10.00–19.00

ОБЕД 14.00–15.00

ВС 10.00 - 18.00 ( без обеда)

+375 212 62-65-91

Выставочный зал «Духовской круглик»
пр-т Фрунзе, 11А

35 81 38

Концертный зал «Витебск»
г. Витебск, парк Фрунзе, 1 (Концертный зал «Витебск», каб. 210)

ПН-ПТ 09.00 - 18.00


ОБЕД 13.00 -14.00

+375 212 62-65-91


1. A ticket can be returned to the ticket office which sells concert tickets for the festival events, if there is no visible damage to it*:

- at the initiative of the viewer – at least 1 day before the event, at least 75% of the ticket price is refunded;

- in case of changes in the composition of the participants in the cultural and entertainment events, cancellation, changes of the announced time (dates) and/or place of the cultural and entertainment event, replacing it by another event – on the day of the canceled (planned) event, and also in the period since the official announcement of the cancellation before July 18, 2018. The full cost of the ticket is refunded.

* Code of the Republic of Belarus dated 20.07.2016 N 413-З “The Culture Code of the Republic of Belarus”

2.The ticket price may include the operator's commission. When returning a ticket, the commission is not compensated.

3.Centre of Culture "Vitebsk" is not responsible for fake tickets and tickets purchased at unauthorized places.

4.Children under the age of 5 years can attend concerts without a ticket; children under the age of 3 years can attend the concerts of XVI International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2018” without a ticket.

5.State Institution “Centre of Culture “Vitebsk” – Board of Directors of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” reserves the right to make changes in the festival programme.