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Abilkaiyr JUMABAY

Abilkaiyr was born on 1 November 2010 in Kaskelen, Karasay district, Almaty Region.

He studies in the second grade of S.Baizhanov school-gymnasium, attends a music studio and takes dance classes.

Abilkaiyr won the first place in the regional and national contests "White Dove". He went on to receive Grand Prix from the jury of the International Contest “White Dove".

His performance in the contest program of "Boztorgai" International Festival of Children Creativity resulted in winning II Prize.

Another notable award in his pool of achievements is Grand Prix of the national contest "If You Want to Become a Star”.

Abilkaiyr likes cats and is fond of painting. He often spends time in nature and enjoys playing football with his younger brother.