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YLA (Ilaria Ngjeliu) was born in Fermo on 12 December 2006, into a family of immigrants from Albania. The parents supported their daughter’s desire to study music.

The young singer is interested in musical traditions of her native country, as well as the world classical and modern art.

YLA takes piano lessons, voice training lessons and studies the American singing technique of Speech Level Singing.

Participant of a national television talent show, she performs with success in local, regional and national competitions.

This year she has become the winner of the national qualifying round to represent Italy in the XVIII International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2020”, held as part of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazzar in Vitebsk” (Vitebsk, Belarus).

From the age of eight to twelve, she practiced gymnastics.

In 2016 (Pesaro) and in 2017 (Rimini), as part of the “Marche” team, she won third and second places in the National Gymnastics Championships.