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Born on 21 December 2006, Timur lives in Toronto.

He began studying singing, acting and dancing at the age of five at the Star School Academy of music and theater in Toronto.

Timur performs classical works, arias from operas and Italian songs. His repertoire also includes compositions by Freddie Mercury and other popular and jazz performers.

Timur performs both solo and with "Mini Tenors by Star School Academy" ensemble .

He has several awards from various international festivals in the category "Best Vocal".

In 2015, he won the first place in the "pop vocal" category and Grand Prix in the "classical vocal in the ensemble" category at the "Planet of Art Washington" festival (Washington).

In 2016 and 2017, he became the First and Second Prize winner of the Russian Culture Festival "Origins" in Moscow.

In 2017, Timur was awarded Grand Prix at the "Blues Without Borders" festival as part of the Mini Tenors by Star School Academy.

He is the winner of "Norht York Music Festival" festival (Toronto).

In addition to singing, Timur has got acting experience. He has played in many musicals, including Michael Banks in "Mary Poppins", White Rabbit in "Alice in Wonderland", Cipollino and Pumpkin in "The Adventures of Cipollino".

Timur is fond of dancing hip-hop and playing basketball.