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Rukhiya was born on August 27, 1998 in Taldykorgan. She has been studying vocal since her childhood. Rukhiya went to art school and, since the age of 9, she has been practicing daily. Now, she is a 3rd year student of the Kazakh National University of Arts, specializing in Pop Vocal.

Rukhiya is a Laureate and Winner of numerous contests and competitions, namely:

the International Festival-Competition of Children's Creativity "Ak kugershin" (Runner-up, 2010), the International Contest of Children's Art "Boztorgai" (Winner, 2011), the International Competition "Gumydariya"(Winner, 2012), the Republican Contest of Young Performers "Zhas kanat" (Laureate, 2014), the International Creative Project "Stars of Eurasia" and the International Pop Music Festival "Voice of Astana" (Winner, 2015), a Runner-up in the nomination "Pop Vocal" of the Universities Olympiad -2019, organized by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Kazakhstan, a Runner-up in the Republican Young Pop Performers Contest "White Moon" (Buryatia, 2019).

Rukhiya does not only participate as a solo artist in the national TV programs "Benefit Show", "Tańsholpan", "Good Morning, Kazakhstan!", "Morning News" and other shows and concerts but also works as a vocal tutor and music editor for the "Egiz Lebiz" program.

The performer’s voice ranges 5 octaves. Rukhiya’s repertoire includes songs of different genres, Kazakh folk songs and world famous hits. Her own songs are included in the Gold Fund of the Kazakh Radio.