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Robertino LORETTI

Popular singer, producer, TV presenter

Robertino Loretti was born in Rome on 22 October 1946, into a large family of plasterer Orlando Loretti.

His musical talent manifested itself very early, but the family couldn’t afford music lessons because of the difficult financial situation. Seeking to make money, Robertino was singing in the streets and cafes.

When a child, he appeared in the episodic roles in the films “Anna” (1951) and “The Return of Don Camillo”(1953).

Aged six, he became a soloist of the church choir, where he received the basics of musical literacy.

At the age of eight, Loretti joined the choir of the Rome Opera House. During one of the performances of “Murder in the Cathedral” opera by the composer Ildebrando Pizzetti in the Vatican, Pope John XXIII was so much impressed by Robertino's solo part that he wished to meet him in person.

When Robertino was ten years old, his father fell sick, and the young singer began working as an assistant at the bakery. He was delivering ready-made pastries and enjoyed singing on his way. Soon, the owners of the local cafes began to compete for Roberto's performance at their places.

He received his first prize, a “Silver badge”, at the festival of printing. Taking part in the radio contest of amateur singers, he won the first place and was awarded a Gold Medal.

In 1960, during the XXVII Summer Olympic Games in Rome, Loretti performed in the Grand Italia Cafe in Piazza Esedra. The song “O sole mio” was heard by the Danish TV producer Volmer Sørensen (1914-1982), who launched the singing career of the future world star (under the name of Robertino). Robertino performed in the TV show in Copenhagen, which was followed by signing a contract to record and release the records with the Danish label “Triola Records”. Soon, a single with the song “O sole mio” was released, which became gold.

His tours in Europe and the United States had a great success. In Italy the singer was compared with Beniamino Gigli, while the French press called him a “New Caruso”.

During the first visit to France President Charles de Gaulle invited Robertino to sing in a special gala concert of the world stars in the Chancellerie Palace.

Loretti’s popularity reached Eastern Europe, including the USSR, where his records were also released, despite the fact that the first trip took place only in 1989.

As he matured, Robertino's voice changed, but the singer continued his pop career with a baritonal timbre.

In 1964, a seventeen-year-old boy got into the final of the festival in Sanremo with the song “Little Kiss”.

In 1973, Loretti decided to change his occupation. For 10 years he was in film production and ran his grocery store.

In 1982, he returned to singing career and touring.

Loretti gives concerts in Russia, Norway, China, Finland.

He takes part in large-scale concerts and TV programs as a guest of honor or a member of the jury.

He sings Italian folk songs with the most talented participants of international contests and festivals.