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Rada was born in Minsk (Belarus) on 21 December 2007. Her family emigrated to Canada in 2013, and now she lives and studies in Toronto.

The young singer began her voice studies at the age of four.

Between 2013-2016, she attended the Limpopo drama group (Oakville, Canada).

In January 2015, Rada enrolled at Star School Performing Arts and Music Academy (Toronto).

She takes part in musicals produced by the school, concerts, tours and competitions in different cities and countries.

Rada is a member of the groups “Sopranos” and “Star Choir” of the Star School Academy.

In 2012, she won first place in the “duet” category in a competition for kindergartens of Partizansky district (Minsk, Belarus).

In 2016, she got first prize in the “jazz, solo” and “pop-rock-vocal, group” categories at the “Planet of Art” Festival (Washington, USA).

In 2017, Rada was first in the “pop-jazz” category at the festival in North York (Canada).

In 2018, she went on to receive first prize with the “Sopranos” group and solo in the “pop-jazz” and “pop-folk” categories at the festival in North York (Canada), and took second place in the “vocal” category at the festival “Chicago Rising Stars” (Chicago, USA).

In 2019, she was awarded first prize as part of “Star Choir” group in the “group, choir” category at the festival in North York (Canada), and became a prizewinner of the “Blues Without Borders” Festival (Moscow, Russia).

In 2020, Rada won Grand Prix in the “pop vocal” nomination of the International Contest “Blooming Ukraine” (vocal coach Stanislas Vitort) and first place in the “jazz”, “pop vocal” and “rock” nominations of the online contest “World of Talents”.

Rada develops herself in such music genres as jazz, pop, rock and musical.