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People’s Artist of Azerbaijan SSR (1982), Honored Art Worker of the Republic of Dagestan (2015), Doctor of History of Art (1991), Professor (2000). In 2015, Polad Bülbüloğlu was granted “Through Art to Peace and Mutual Understanding” Special Award of the President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko.

The name of Polad Bülbüloğlu is perpetuated on the Walk of Fame in Vitebsk.

In 2015, he headed the International Jury of the 24th International Pop Song Performers Contest “Vitebsk”.

Polad Bülbüloğlu was born on February 4, 1945, Baku, into a family of People's Artist of the USSR Murtuza Mammadov. He graduated from a specialized music school at the State Conservatory of Azerbaijan and the U. Hajibeyov Azerbaijan State Conservatory.

Since 1965 he’s been performing as a singer and composer and has toured in over 70 countries.

In 1969, Polad Bülbüloğlu joined the USSR Union of Composers and the USSR Union of Cinematographers.

In 1976, he headed a variety ensemble of the Azerbaijan SSR.

In 1988, Bülbüloğlu became Minister of Culture of the Azerbaijan SSR.

From 1994 to 2006, he was Director General of the International Organization of Turkic Culture “TURKSOY” (Ankara, Turkey). Between 1995 and 1998, deputy of the Milli Majlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

In 1995, Polad Bülbüloğlu became Honorary Professor of the Azerbaijan State University of Arts and Culture. A. Huseynzade.

In 1999, Polad became Academician – full member of the International Humanitarian Academy “Europe – Asia”.

In 2000, the opening of Polad Bülbüloğlu’s Star took place at the Moscow Performers' Square (Russia).

In 2002, he was elected Chairman of the Council for Cultural Cooperation of the CIS Ministers of Culture, and awarded “Serving the Turkic world” by the Union of writers and art workers of the Turkic world

In 2005, he was awarded “Om emeritus” (“For Merits”) title of the Republic of Moldova.

In 2006, he was appointed Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan to the Russian Federation.

In 2009, he was elected Chairman of the Board of the Interstate Fund for Humanitarian Cooperation of the CIS member states.

Polad Bülbüloğlu is the author of symphonic compositions, chamber-instrumental music, musicals, ballets, vocal cycles, ballets, music for plays.

In January 2010, his album “Bulbul sang... Polad Bülbüloğlu sings” with the Azerbaijani folk songs was released.

Polad Bülbüloğlu is the author of music for films: “The investigation continues” (1966), “Last Night of Childhood”(1968), “Bay of Joy” (1977), “I’ve come up with a song” (1979), “Babek” (1979), “Don’t fear, I'm with you” (1981), “Traffic accident” (1981),”Soviet Period Park” (2006),”The Fate of the Emperor” (2008),”Dolu” (2012), “Don’t fear, I'm with you! 1919” (2013).

Polad Bülbüloğlu appeared in the movies:”Tales of Russian Forest” (1966), “Rhythms of Absheron” (1970), “Raging “Margarita”(1970),” On Wings of Song” (1972), “Don’t fear, I'm with you” (1981) ),”Soviet Period Park” (2006), “Don’t fear, I'm with you! 1919” (2013)

He was awarded the Order of Honour (2002, Georgia), “Star of Creation” (2004, Russia), “Independence” (2005, Azerbaijan), “Patrons of the Century” (2006, Russia), the Order of Honour (2015, Russia), the Order of Friendship (2015, Russia), "Honour" (2015, Azerbaijan), a golden medal “Rose of the World” (2005, UNESCO).