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Composer, singer, producer, People’s Artist of Russia

Chairperson of the International Jury of the XXIX International Pop Song Performers Contest “VITEBSK-2020”, People’s Artist of Russia

Holder of the Order of Honour (2006), Order of Peter the Great I degree (2006), Order “Patron of Russia” (2007), Order “For Services the Fatherland” IV degree (2012), Order of Holy Prince Daniel of Moscow III degree (2017), Order of Friendship (2018), as well as numerous medals.

Oleg Gazmanov was born in the city of Gusev, Kaliningrad Region (Russia) in a family of the participants of the Great Patriotic war on 22 July, 1951. His parents come from Belarus: mother Zinaida Abramovna was born in the Mogilev Region, father Mikhail Semyonovich was born in the Gomel Region.

Gazmanov took up music as a teenager.

He graduated from the Kaliningrad Higher Marine Engineering School with a degree in “refrigeration and compressor machines and installations” (1973), worked at the department of the school, and then completed his postgraduate studies.

However, he decided to pursue a career in music.

In 1981, he graduated from the Kaliningrad Music College (guitar), performed with the bands “Blue Bird”, “Visit”, “Divo” and “Galaxy”.

Oleg Gazmanov shot to fame in 1988 with his song “Lucy”. He started his solo career in 1989. His first album “Squadron” went platinum within a month.

From 1989, he took part and became frequent winner in the “Song of the Year” TV festival.

A winner of seven National music awards “Ovation”, Gazmanov was awarded the “World Music Awards” (1992, Monte Carlo).

The singer is Master of Arts in popular music (1995).

His program “Gospoda Ofitsery” was awarded the Prize of the Government of Moscow in the field of literature and art (1997).

In 1997, the song “Moscow”, written for the city’s 850th anniversary, became an unofficial anthem of the capital of Russia.

On 9 May 1999, Oleg Gazmanov’s Star was laid on the Square of Stars at the entrance to the State Central Concert Hall “Rossiya”.

Since 2002, he has been a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF).

He is the organizer of various events (“Plant a Victory Tree”), art producer of numerous events (“Victory Songs. Songs of life”), author and producer of the project against AIDS and substance abuse “Don't Even try”, organizer and artistic director of the International Festival of Arts “The Baltic Coast” (Svetlogorsk, Kaliningrad Region).

In 2008, his solo program “Seven feet under the keel” was presented (Moscow, Kremlin).

In 2012, he took part in the recording of the National anthem of the Russian Federation with the Alexandrov Academic Song and Dance Ensemble.

In 2013, Oleg Gazmanov was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Kaliningrad and Saratov.

He participated in the events and activities for the preparation and holding of the Olympic Games (2014, Sochi).

Many of his songs are well-known and sung by several generations. The singer’s repertoire impresses with its thematic diversity ranging from lyrics and light dance songs to deeply patriotic ones. He uses freely the elements of folk, pop and rock music. Thanks to the outstanding melodies, poetic images and artistic gift, a large number of songs became long life tunes and gained nation-wide popularity: “Squadron”, “Officers”, “Esaul”, “Moscow”, “Mother”, “Made in the USSR”, “My Temple”, “The Only One”, “My Clear Days”, “Sailor”, “Forward, Russia”, “Immortal Regiment” and many others.

Discography: “Lucy” (1989); “Squadron” (1991); “Sailor-Girl” (1991); “Shadow of Petrel” (1993); “Sailor-Girl” (1993); “Spree” (1994); “Tramp” (1996); “Moscow. Best songs” (1996); “Squadron of my crazy songs...” (1997); “Red book of Oleg Gazmanov” (1998); “From century to century. Selected” (2000); “First round – 50!” (2002); “My clear days”(2003);“Officers- 10 years”(2004); “Made in the USSR” (2005); “Seven feet under the keel”(2008); “Upgrade” (2011); “Measurement of life” (2012); “Anthology” (2013); “Reload”(2014); “Forward, Russia!” (2015); “Live!” (2018).

Songs in the movies: “Train to Brooklyn" (1994); “Knight’s romance” (2000, “Everyone chooses for themselves”); “Mole” (2001, “Moscow”); “Officers” (2006, “Two eagles”); “Red mercury” (2010, “Moscow”); “Shooting mountains” (2010, “Frontier post”); “Moscow. Three stations” (2011, “Three stations”); “A German”(2011, “One-way ticket”).

Movies: “Genius” (1991); “Old songs about the main thing-1”(1995); “Old songs about the main thing-2” (1996); “Old songs about the main thing. PostScript” (2000); “Taxi Driver-4” (2007); “New Year SMS” (2011); “Mixed Feelings” (2014).

TV: “Honestly with Yuri Nikolaev” (2018); “Secret for a million” (2019).

Oleg Gazmanov is a frequent participant of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.