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   Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mirza was born on November 23, 1990 in Tuzla, grew up and graduated from high school in Srebrenik. Later, he entered the Faculty of Civil Engineering.

His parents noticed the boy's talent for music and singing in his childhood and encouraged him.

Mirza cooperates with the "Grand Production" record label and production company. He won the "Zvezde Granda" Show (Season 2013/14). Soon afterwards, he recorded new songs "Sto kafana" and "Nema srećnog kraja" which became popular overnight.

In 2014, Mirza got his first album "Nema srećnog kraja" out.

Mirza has already released a number of singles, including "Ne dolazi u snove", "Boliš me", "Imaš me", "Hiljadu ruža", "Mjesto zločina", "Da se opet rodim", the latest one being the "Bonasera" song in 2020.

Mirza Selimović took part in the reality TV music competition "Zvezde Granda". He left the jury members speechless and they compared the performer and his talent to Zdravko Čolić - the greatest pop star in the former Yugoslavia and one of Mirza's idols.