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Lydia was born on 1 June 1988.

She began to study music in her childhood. At the age of 8 Lydia entered the piano department of the children and youth center “Jauniba” and simultaneously studied guitar.

After high school graduation she entered the Faculty of Music (vocal course) at the Daugavpils University, where she received her bachelor’s degree and then master’s degree. Lydia also mastered jazz singing at the Latgalian Jazz Studio.

When a student, she started working in the Daugavpils Theatre. Lydia appeared in children’s performances (“White Fairy Tale”, “Leo, the Little Lion”, “Little Red Riding Hood and Gray Wolf”, etc.), and after her first year she played in all musical performances of the theater (“Inventive Love”, “The Ladies’ Paradise”, “Jane Eyre” , etc.).

In 2017, Lydia was trained as a vocalist and teacher in the United States (Dublin, Georgia). During the internship she gave two charity solo concerts.

The singer represented Latvia at the “Avon Voices” competition (Paris, France), participated in X-Factor (UK), the television projects “Juras Perle”, X-Factor (Latvia), the Eurovision-2018 national selections as part of Liene Greifane’s team.

Lydia is the backing singer of the legendary Latvian band “A-Europe”.

She sings a duet with the established Latvian singers, such as Andris Abelite, Dins Sumerags, Roberto Meloni.