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L’era was born on March 17, 2009 in Tallinn. She has been singing since the age of 4 and now studies at the Tallinn Linnamäe Russian Lyceum. Among her extra school activities are theatrical "Studio 316", music school (synthesizer class), and studying English. Achievements of hers also list experience and awards in the fashion industry.

Since she first entered the stage, L’era has visited many countries and took part in more than 100 republican and international vocal competitions and festivals.

The latest victories to be listed:

2019 - I degree Laureate of the XXI International Baltic Festival "Advent" (Estonia), a series of International Competition-Festival of Arts "Global Fest" (Russia), the V International Festival "Legends of Tallinn" (Estonia), the III International Festival-Competition "New Generation" (Estonia); I Place at the International Music Festival of Kosovo "Rising Stars", the International Music Festival "Angel Voice" (Serbia) and others.

2020 - I Place at the International Competition-Festival "Golden Rose" (Estonia), Grand Prix at the III International Competition "Baltic Wave" and IV International Festival "Maardu F Eestis" (Estonia); I degree Laureate of the International Festival-Contest of Children’s Creativity "Lemari" (Belarus); I degree Laureate of the International Music Festival “Golden Stars Rain” (Russia) and others.

2021 - Grand Prix of the Children’s International Festival "Junior's Hope"; III degree Laureate of the International TV Project "Cup of Friendship", Grand Prix of the International Show-Contest "Winter Reval Fest".