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Lara was born on April 15, 2008 in Zagreb.

From the age of three, she has been singing in the children's choir "Zagrepčanke i dečki". At the age of four, she performed her first author's song on the stage of the "Vatroslav Lisinski" Concert Hall, thus, starting her music career.

Lara, a national champion in contemporary dance, is not only keen on dancing but pretty successful in rhythmic gymnastics. Lara has already recorded several music videos. She is a person of manifold talents, she goes in for modeling, stars in advertisements, and loves animals.

Lara dreams of setting up her own dance school one day.

Under the tuition of Ivana Krajina Barun, Lara attends vocal classes at the "Mikrofon" Music Studio, and also takes lessons from Andrea Radjenović, Belgrade.

If asked about herself, Lara replies that she loves everything that young people love.