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Kristina was born in Gabrovo on 25 February 2010.

She is in her fourth year of studies at Ran Bosilek School in Gabrovo.

Her music talent manifested itself at an early age. Kristina now practices singing under the guidance of vocal coach Tsenka Goralova, head of the “Upstream voices” vocal school(Sevlievo).

Kristina is a participant of annual national concerts as part of the group.

In 2018, she took first place in the VI National Contest “15 tulips” (Hisarya, Bulgaria) and the IV National Contest “Polish crickets” (Polski Trambesh, Bulgaria). Her other achievements included a prize “for the best performance of a Bulgarian song” at the XVI International Pop Music Contest for Young Singers “Silver Yantra” (Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria) and Grand Prix at the VII International “November Music Fest” Song Contest (Ploiesti, Romania).

In 2019, Kristina won first place at the III National competition for young singers of popular music “Musical Impulse” (Burgas, Bulgaria), the X International Contest “Music for Kids” (Iasi, Romania), the XIII National competition for young performers of popular songs “Let It Be Summer” (Pavlikeni, Bulgaria), and national contests “Road to Glory” (Sofia, Bulgaria), “Revive kindness with songs” (Kazanlak, Bulgaria). She was also awarded Grand Prix at the V National Contest “Polish Crickets” (Polski Trambesh, Bulgaria), and the V National “Song Palette” Contest (Karlovo, Bulgaria).

In 2020, the singer was given I Prize at the “Constellation” National Contest (Shumen, Bulgaria).

Kristina Nedelcheva is listed in the “Talents and Achievements” Book of Honor of Gabrovo community.