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Member of the International Jury of the XXIX International Pop Song Performers Contest “VITEBSK-2020”, singer

Kate Ryan (born Katrien Verbeeck) was born into a family of musicians in the village of Tessenderlo on 22 July 1980.

At the age of 8, she started to study piano and guitar. As a child, she performed in a cafe owned by her family.

Aged 16, she became a member of the pop group “Melt”. Two years later, after leaving the group, she began writing music with producer Andy Janssens.

In 2001, Kate released a single “Scream for More”, which gained in popularity in Belgium, Germany, Spain, Italy, the Netherlands, the United States, and South Africa. The next composition “UR (My Love)” attracted admirers from Israel, Finland and South American countries. Mylene Farmer’s song “Désenchantée” performed by Kate Ryan became a European highest-charting hit.

In 2002, after signing a contract with EMI Belgium, she released her first album “Different”, which went Gold, selling more than 250,000 copies in Europe.

In 2004, the singer recorded an album “Stronger”.

In 2006, Kate Ryan represented Belgium in the Eurovision Song Contest with the song “Je t'adore”.

In 2007, she had success with the singles “Voyage Voyage” and “We All Belong”.

The track “Voyage Voyage” is a cover version of the 1987 European hit by Desireless.

“We All Belong” was selected as the Eurovision song contest 2007 anthem (Antwerp).

In 2008, the singer released an album “Free”, which included a duet with Spanish pop singer Soraya Arnelas, and a collection of songs “Essential”.

In 2009, the album “French Connection” (in French) was released.

In 2011, she recorded the album “Electroshock” with the popular songs “Broken” and “Love Life”.

In 2012-2018, the albums “Not Alone”, “Light in the dark”, “Heart flow”, “Libertine”, “Goodbye”, “The promise”, “Alive” were released.

Kate Ryan is a recipient of the World Music Award.

In 2019, the songs “Holiday”, “Wild eyes”, “Gold”, “Runaway” were added to the discography.

The singer collaborates with famous musicians France Gall and Mylène Farmer.

She is a songwriter and one of the most famous Belgian pop artists in the world.