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Singer, Honoured Artist of Belarus

Member of the International jury of the XXIX International Pop Song Performers Contest “VITEBSK-2020”, singer, Honoured Artist of the Republic of Belarus (2007)

Inna Afanasieva was born in Mogilev. Her creative career began at the age of ten in the children group “Raduga” of the Mogilev Palace of Pioneers and Schoolchildren. Aged twelve, she won the “Red Carnations” TV contest.

In 1988, in the competition program of the All-Union Festival of Polish Song (Vitebsk, Belarus), she performed Leonid Zahlevny’s composition “All Flowers of July”, which later became the anthem of “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.

In 1988, Inna became a soloist of the State Concert Orchestra of Belarus under Mikhail Finberg.

In 1990, she graduated from the Mogilev College of Culture.

In 1992, Inna Afanasieva was awarded II Prize in the International Contest of Young Performers of Pop Songs as part of “Slavianski Bazaar” music festival.

In 1994, the singer presented her programme “Come true or not” in the Summer Amphitheater at “Slavianski Bazaar”. Since 1995, she has been the organizer of charity concerts on the occasion of the Children’s Day.

In 1999, she created her own group, which includes musicians and a dance group “Street Ballet”.

In 2002, the Palace of the Republic (Minsk) hosted a charity concert “Say “Yes” To Children!”.

In 2010, Inna Afanasieva was on the jury of International Pop Song Performers Contest “Vitebsk” within the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”.

In 2011, her new program “And only dreams...” premiered in Minsk.

In 2012, she organized a theatrical show “The Story of My Love”.

In November 2018, her anniversary solo concert “My Love” took place in Minsk (Belarus).

Inna Afanasieva is frequently on tour. She has performed at concert venues in Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Poland, Lithuania, the United States and other countries.

Her repertoire includes over 200 songs in Russian, Belarusian, Polish, Hebrew, and Ukrainian.

Awards and Prizes: I Prize in the Republican Popular Youth Music Contest (1987, Novopolotsk, Belarus); III Prize in the All-Union Festival of Polish Song (1988, Vitebsk, Belarus); II Prize in the International Pop Song Performers Contest “Vitebsk” in format of “Slavianski Bazaar” (1992, Vitebsk, Belarus); “Song of the Year” Prize (1995, 1996); the title of “Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus” (2007); “Best Singer” according to the national music award in popular music “Lira” (2016); winner in the nomination “Best Singer” (female vocals) on the results of the V Republican Contest “National Music Award In Popular Music” “Lira” (2017); winner of “Pop Art” award in the contest “Person of the year in the field of culture” (2018).

Studio albums: “Come True or Not” (MC, 1995), “Pearls” (CD, 2003), “I Will Be With You” (CD, 2008), “She and Men… Duet Album” (CD, 2009), “My Love...” (CD, 2018).

Concert albums: “The Story of My Love. Live” (CD, 2012), “My Love... Anniversary Concert” (2019).

Discography: “Not Your Fault” (Single, 1992), “Come True or Not” (Original Master Recording, 1995), “Rostan” (Single, 1995), “Who would have thought” (1999), “Love” (Mini-album, 2003), “Pearls” (Deluxe, 2003), “I Will Be With You” (Deluxe, 2008), “She and Men. Duet Album” (2009), “The Story of My Love” (Live, 2012), “It Hurts” (Single, 2012), “Rodny berazhok” (EP, 2016), “Come True or Not” (Edition, 2016), “Who are you” (Single, 2016), “Early Songs” (2016), “The Best” (2016), “White Lace” (Single, 2017), “Winter's Tale” (Single, 2017), “My Love...”(2018), “My Love... Anniversary Concert” (Live, 2019), “The Day After Tomorrow” (Single, 2019), “I Fly Away” (Single, 2019), “Inna Afanasieva With Love...” (2019).

Concert programmes: “Inna Afanasieva Among Friends” (1995), “I Will Sing” (2000), “Dance With Me” (2001), “A Show by a Blonde” (2008), “Careless Game” (2009), “ And Only Dreams” (2011), “The Story of My Love” (2012), “Selected” (2017), “My Love...” (2018 anniversary concert) “New and the Best” (2019).