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Nicoleta Kungurtseva (EMINA) was born in Vilnius (Lithuania) on 24 December 1996.

At the age of five she moved to Germany with her parents.

The singer grew up in a musical family. Her grandmother is a pianist and her mother, Ellada, is a professional jazz singer.

Emina knew she wanted to become a professional singer from a young age.

She’s studying acting and mastering her dancing skills. She plays the piano and is studying music theory and solfeggio.

Emina’s getting professional vocal training in the “SWIff” Studio (Neuss, Germany) under the guidance of Ellada who was a participant of the International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar” 20 years ago.

She takes part in numerous TV projects and international competitions in Belarus, Bulgaria, Italy, Russia, Lithuania and other countries.

The singer is a prizewinner of the vocal competitions “Berliner Perle” (I Prize, Germany), “Wonderland” (Grand Prix, Georgia), “Voice of the Baltic”, (I Prize, Lithuania), “Young Galicia”, (II Prize, Ukraine), “Pirogovsky dawn” (II Prize, Russia), “Riga Symphony” (Grand Prix, Latvia).

In 2013, she won the first place and was given the Audience Award in “Super. Children” TV project (Moscow, Russia).

In 2016, she participated in the TV project of Dieter Bohlen “DSDS” (“Deutschland such den Superstar”, Germany).

Emina took part in the Eurovision national selections as a backing singer.

She received a degree in music management in Vienna (Austria).

The singer is sure that every competition, in addition to success and recognition, gives all the participants of the musical event meetings with interesting people and necessary professional experience.