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Born on September 08, 2006 in Pleven (Bulgaria), Elizabet studies English, French and Russian at a language high school.

Since she was 4, Elizabet has taken part in various national and international contests. In 2011, she took up pop and jazz vocal in the music center "Dori Dios". Under Doroteya Lyutskanova’s guide she practices vocals, her extras being folklore vocal, solfeggio, piano and drums.

Elizabet has a great passion for music. She constantly perfects her knowledge, skills and technique participating in various workshops, namely by Silva Makamian (Cyprus), Bedros Kirkorov (Russia), Tigran Gasparian (Israel), Konstantin Rabotov from Igor Krutoy Academy in Moscow (Russia), Gleb Lapitskii, online (Belarus).

Elizabet has been nominated "Successful child of Bulgaria" by the Dimitar Berbatov Foundation for 5 years in a row; she won both the "Art" (V-VIII grade) nomination in 2020-2021 and an annual scholarship from the Foundation.

So far, she’s participated in 32 international contests, having won 64 awards, 11 Grand Prix, being a winner 46 times and a runner-up 7 times. Among Elizabet’s achievements and victories are Grand Prix of "Fröhlichen Valentinstag" (Germany, 2021), "Българска душа на свята земя" (Israel, 2021), "Golden Century" (Dubai, 2021), "Stars of the world" (Bulgaria, 2021), "World Super Star" (Las Vegas, USA, 2020), "Талант Року" (Ukraine, 2020), "Voice Premium"(Ukraine, 2020), "Brilliant Voices"(Monaco, Monte Carlo, 2020), "La France reunt les Talents 2020" (France, 2020), "Crossroad of Muses" (Bulgaria, 2020), "Junior’s Hope"(Moldova, 2020), the International Vocal and Music Festival for Youth "Riga Symphony" (Latvia, 2017); and Super Grand Prix of "Constelatia Talentelor" (Moldova, 2019), "Stars of the World" (Bulgaria, 2019), "Art in Experience" (Macedonia 2019).