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   Bosnia and Herzegovina

Born on 17 March 2008, Elena finished sixth grade of secondary school with excellent results.

She started singing at the age of six.

Successful participant of national singing festivals and contests, she has repeatedly represented her country in the international projects.

Elena won I Prize at the international contests and festivals “Skoljkice” (Novi Sad, Serbia), “Starto Born” (Budapest, Hungary), “Angel Voice” (Belgrade, Serbia), “Eurokids” (Maiori, Italy), “Golden Stars Rain” (Vladimir, Russia).

She was awarded Grand Prix at the International Vocal Festival “Ya Sam Tvoj Drug” (Pozega, Serbia).

Elena was twice given Grand Prix at the International Festival “Singing Snowflakes” (Mrkonjic Grad, Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Elena is an active participant of concert shows, cultural-educational and charity events.

She takes piano lessons and practices jazz dancing, and also likes learning foreign languages, drawing, playing volleyball.

Her dream is to devote her life to singing and become a famous singer.