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Daria was born on 27 October 2007 in Belgrade.

She is in her fourth year of studies at primary school and the third year of piano studies at music school.

Daria is a soloist of "Carolija" choir .

Her significant achievements include Grand Prix and a prize for interpretation at the International "Djurdjevdan Festival of Children Songs" (Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina, 2015), First Prize at the national competition "Golden Mermaid" (2016), as well as at the international festivals "Little Shells in Blue" (Novi Sad, Serbia, 2016), "Little Shells" (Novi Sad, 2017).

Daria received First Prize from the children jury and Second Prize for composition at the festival "Our Joy" (Podgorica, Montenegro, 2017).

In collaboration with Dusan Alagic and Leontina she wrote the song "These stars are you and me".

She provided her voice for the projects by Disney and Pixar, and collaborated with "Intermedia Network" and " PET" as an actress.

Daria was invited to sing at the concerts by Serbian pop stars.

She performs in a musical for children at the National Theatre in Belgrade, takes an active part in charity events.

Daria is a holder of two silver and two gold medals at dance festivals in Serbia.

She takes part in Math Olympiads.