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Artur Galas was born on 5 September 2007. He lives in the city of Rava Ruska.

He studies at children music school and masters his singing skills under the guidance of Victoria Venediktova.

In 2017, Artur was the I Prize winner at the international contests “Rainbow over the Tisa”, “Truskavets Fiesta”, “The Voice of the Country”, “Bright Country”, “Winter Patterns”. He was awarded II Prize at the national festivals “Ukrainian Song is Our Pride and Love”, “Christmas Bells”, “Crystal Lark” and won Grand Prix at the international festivals “Sunflower” and “Ukrainian Relay of Creativity”.

In 2018, he was the finalist of the contest “Bright Children of Ukraine”, became the I Prize winner at the contests “Golden Lion”, “Come and Surprise”, and the II Prize winner at the festivals “The Black Sea Games”, “Christmas Holidays”, “Sun for us”, “Vernissage Energofest”.

In 2019, Artur won I Prize of the Children and Youth Music Festival “Sunny Maestro” and the All-Ukrainian Open Festival-Competition “Bright Country”.

He dreams of becoming a world-renowned performer. And, of course, to visit Disneyland.