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Anastasiia MARTYNIUK

Anastasiia was born in Kiev on 6 June 2009. She studies at school with an advanced German learning and attends the school of pop performance “Dream school”.

In 2015, she won II Prize at the International Festival “We are Ukraine”, I Prize of the International Festival “Shining Christmas Stars” and Grand Prix at the International Festival “Sunflower”.

In 2016, she became III Prize winner at the international festivals “Ukrainian Unison”, “Baltic Voice” (Lithuania), “Маdіа Italiana” (Italy), II Prize winner at the national TV festival “Nightingale of Ukraine”, I Prize winner at the International Festival “Art Tаlent Fest”, Grand Prix winner of the international festivals “Spring Starfall”, “Sunflower” and released a debut video for the song “Tell Me Why”.

In 2017, her achievements included I Prize of the national competitions “Quinta”, “Stars and Starlets”, the international festivals “Zirkafest”, “Art Fashion Media Way”, “Starry Bridges”, and Grand Prix of “Shining Christmas Stars” competition.

In 2018, Anastasiia won I Prize at the international competitions “Conquer the Stage”, “Zirkafest”, “Young Europe”, “Baltic Voice” (Lithuania), “Riga Symphony” (Latvia), II Prize at the contests “Bright Children of Ukraine”, “Lord Music Talent”, “The Challenge Championship”, “Nightingale of Ukraine”, “Vernissage EnergoFest”.

In 2019, she was awarded I Prize of the international competitions “Muzikos Talentu Lyga”(Vilnius), “The Challenge Championship”, “Land Music Talent”, the national festivals ‘Vernissage of Talents”, “Star Pectoral of Talents”, II Prize of the national festivals “Sun For Us”, “Mystetskyi Hram”, “Black Sea Games” and Grand Prix at the international festival “Sunflower”.

In 2020, Anastasiia got I Prize at the contest “The Challenge Championship”.

The young singer is keen on painting, applied art, and choreography. She learns to play the piano and reads a lot.