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Born on August 19, 2010, Amina studies at the School of Pop Singing of the exemplary collective "Studio of children's creativity "Raduga" in the cultural and leisure complex named after Abai.

Amina has a rich repertoire of songs in Kazakh, Russian, English and other languages. She is a frequent participant of city and regional concerts and festive events, a winner of city, regional, republican and international competitions and festivals, both for solo performance and in the "Ayala" duet, and also as a soloist of the "Ertegiler" vocal group.

Among Amina’s achievements are the first places and the Grand Prix of various competitions: the "Boztorgai" International Contest of Children's Art, the International Online Competitions "World Vision" and "Golden Voice", the International Festival-Contest of Children’s Creativity "Lemari" and others.

Despite her young age, Amina can be rightly called an arty person with good imagination, extraordinary creative thinking and excellent taste in music.