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Jul 19, 2018

The concert by the rock band “Mumiy Troll” in the Summer Amphitheatre, 19 July, was the final event of “Slavianski Bazaar”. The band’s creativity imbued with the spirit of the taiga and the Far Eastern color evokes a strong response in the Belarusians.

The band, founded by Ilya Lagutenko in the remote Vladivostok, has been triumphantly touring around the world for 35 years, making song videos in the crater of an active volcano, playing gigs in Europe, America and Asia, singing in Russian, English, Chinese, and now they are the participants of “Slavianski Bazaar”.

The band’s songs are known to many generations of fans. “Flow Away”, The Bear”, “Vladivostok 2000”, “The Dolphins” and many other hits won the hearts of the audience.

From the very beginning of the concert the spectators stood up and began singing along to their favorite group. The special effects seemed to repeat the rhythm of the songs, gleaming yellow, red and blue.

“It is our first time at “Slavianski Bazaar”, so we are ready to offer you a wide range of songs. It’s fantastic that we’re here!”, said the soloist and the audience began singing “Fantastika”.

Not only the special effects and songs changed rhythmically, but also the soloist’s image. At the beginning of the concert Ilya appeared in an elegant cloak and a hat, while at the end his style was more of a teenager-troublemaker who loves strumming the guitar.

The Summer Amphitheatre went into raptures over the performance of the song “The Bear”. The soloist noticed an active admirer in the first row and gave him his microphone. The man took the opportunity to sing with his favorite artist and performed a verse to the applause of the audience.

Many songs... Each followed by prolonged applause. The concertgoers didn't want to let the band go.

A bright finale was a gift from the drummer-on the final notes Oleg Pungin threw drumsticks into the audience hall.