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Visa-Free Entry Rules during the Festival
Jun 11, 2019

As we have informed, a ticket to the XXVIII International Festival of Arts “SLAVIANSKI BAZAAR IN VITEBSK” will allow foreign citizens to visit Belarus without a visa. We will tell you in details what you need to do!

Visa-free entry into Belarus shall be provided from July 1 to July 20, 2019 for foreign participants of the festival who have an invitation from the Board of Directors of the Festival or the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus, as well as for foreign tourists who have purchased original paper or electronic tickets to the XXVIII International Festival of Arts “SLAVIANSKI BAZAAR IN VITEBSK”.

Foreign tourists can cross the border of Belarus in the specified period via any international border checkpoint without a visa. Meanwhile, one original paper or electronic ticket allows one foreign tourist single entry into Belarus no later than on the date of the event at the Summer Amphitheater and Concert Hall “Vitebsk” indicated on the ticket.

Visa-free entry shall be provided for citizens of the following 74 states:

1. Australia
2. Austria
3. Albania
4. Andorra
5. Antigua and Barbuda
6. Barbados
7. Bahrain
8. Belgium
9. Bulgaria
10. Bosnia and Herzegovina
11. Vanuatu
12. Vatican
13. United Kingdom
14. Hungary
15. Vietnam
16. Haiti
17. Gambia
18. Germany
19. Greece
20. Denmark
21. Dominica
22. India
23. Indonesia
24. Ireland
25. Iceland
26. Spain
27. Italian Republic
28. Canada
29. Cyprus
30. China
31. Korea
32. Kuwait
33. Latvia
34. Lebanon
35. Lithuania
36. Liechtenstein
37. Luxembourg
38. North Macedonia
39. Malaysia
40. Malta
41. Mexico
42. Micronesia
43. Monaco
44. Namibia
45. The Netherlands
46. Nicaragua
47. New Zealand
48. Norway
49. Oman
50. Panama
51. Peru
52. Poland
53. Portugal
54. Romania
55. Samoa
56. San Marino
57. Saudi Arabia
58. Seychelles
59. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines
60. Singapore
61. Slovakia
62. Slovenia
63. United States of America
64. Uruguay
65. Finland
66. France
67. Croatia
68. Czech Republic
69. Chile
70. Switzerland
71. Sweden
72. El Salvador
73. Estonia
74. Japan

Tickets can be purchased online from ticket operators,,

When crossing the border via international border checkpoints, a foreign national must present the following documents:

– a valid document for crossing the State Border of the Republic of Belarus;

electronic or original paper ticket to the event at the Summer Amphitheater and Concert Hall “Vitebsk” (including children under the age of 3);

– travel medical insurance valid in Belarus;

financial means (no less than 20 € for each day of stay).

Note that foreign citizens coming to the festival are exempted from paying the national duty for registering temporary stay in the country.

For registration of foreign citizens andtemporary stay in the Republic of Belarus, please contact the Department of Internal Affairs of the Vitebsk Regional Executive Committee: phone +375 212 60 34 81.