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Jul 11, 2019

The participants of the XVII International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2019” have visited the Vitebsk confectionery factory “Vitba” and the city of Polotsk.

The young artists have a tight schedule, but the festival organizers have found time for them not only for the contest preparations, but also for leisure. On Wednesday, 10 July, the boys and girls made a sightseeing tour of Vitebsk, which was followed by a visit to the confectionery factory “Vitba”.

At the factory the children were met by the staff and animator SNOW MAX. All the contestants had to put on a special uniform to go to the confectionery shop, where they were shown and told about the production of wafers. Some contestants were given the opportunity to become factory workers for some time.

Throughout the excursion – in the factory shop, on the bus, on the street - the contest participants were singing their favorite songs.

After the excursion the boys and girls were invited to taste different sweets. They drank tea and tried a variety of confectionery products made at the factory. Everyone received branded sweets from Vitba as a gift.

Then the participants of the children contest and their accompanying persons were taken on an excursion to the ancient Belarusian city Polotsk.

First, they visited the Saint Sophia Cathedral. The children learned about the history of the unique building, saw the masonry of the ancient wall and looked into the altar part. The culmination was a mini-concert of organ music. Such events are traditionally held on Sundays, but an exception was made for the young participants of the contest.

The next stop in the journey was the Polotsk State University, where a sculpture of a student holding a book and a scroll is located in front of the building. Everyone can touch the scroll and go around the monument clockwise, which is a ritual that promises success in studying and gaining new knowledge. There is another sculpture a little further. You can touch the medallion of the Professor and get the favor of university professors at the exams. In the courtyard, decorated with reproductions of paintings by famous artists, the participants of the contest could look into the ancient well with a 2.5 meter diameter and drop a coin, making a wish.

A real surprise was meeting with the elder Socrates, or more properly, a talking “mechanical head” that can answer any question. The participants asked the sage how to become a winner and the sage wished them to work hard and believe in themselves.

The elder Socrates fell asleep, and the children continued their walk around Polotsk to visit the Museum of Belarusian Printing. The boys and girls saw the first Belarusian books, learned how the first books were created and were told the story of the outstanding printer Francis Skaryna.

The junior performers returned to Vitebsk in high spirits. They will soon learn the results of the XVII International Children Music Contest “Vitebsk-2019” and appear at the award ceremony.