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Jul 11, 2019

The first “Star Hour” and the first solo concert are a kind of tuning forks to the festival program. This year’s “firsts” have set a high standard.

The main hero was the People’s Artist of Azerbaijan, Honored Artist of the Republic of Adygea, singer, musician and songwriter Emin. A native of Azerbaijan, a graduate of Marymount Manhattan College with a degree in business management in finance, Emin successfully combines his musical career and business. In 2006, he released his first music album “Still”, and in 2013, he presented the first Russian-language album “On the Edge”.

The regular host of “Star Hour”- the Honored Artist of Russia Sergei Shustitskiy - congratulated the journalists on the beginning of the celebration of arts and asked the “Star Hour” guest to tell about the program of the evening concert.

“I always make the program during the concert,” said the musician, “I’ll sing my best hits and present new compositions. I sing only live, and I believe that concert-goers should be treated to live performance only.”

In 2016, Emin became one of the organizers of the music festival “Heat” in his native Baku. During the “Star Hour” meeting he invited all the journalists to the festival, and said that he organized a TV and radio channel “Heat” to promote young performers.

“In September there will be premiere of the romantic comedy “Heat” featuring such pop stars as Baskov, Kirkorov, Valeria, Marshal, and the beautiful city of Baku.”

The musician’s plans for the near future include recording a cover version of the song “Dreams” of the group “Rondo”. He will start working on it upon his return to Moscow.

Emin told about his family and how he sees the future of his four children.

The owner of a restaurant chain, Emin shared his gastronomic preferences. He enjoys Azerbaijani cuisine, likes kupati (fried sausages) and dolma, however, he has yet to taste Belarusian cuisine.

Emin invited all journalists to his solo concert, but it wasn’t easy to get there as the hall was filled with large audience. The concert-goers gave a warm welcome to the favorite singer. Emin, as promised, performed his best compositions, talked to the audience, agreed to take selfies and accepted bouquets of flowers. The musician thanked the festival audience for the warm reception. His addresses to the students of children’s homes, who were at the concert, were especially sincere. The action “goodness boomerang” is the tradition of Emin’s concerts. The students of children's homes of the Vitebsk region were invited to the concert by the musician’s fan club, and the young fans came to the backup dance during one of the singer’s performances.

The concert was crowned by the performance of Muslim Magomayev’s famous composition “Blue eternity”, which Emin sang with his friend, Italian singer Alessandro Safina.