20 July 2017


The performance of the St. Petersburg ban "Splean" was the final exclamation mark of the "Slavianski Bazaar - 2017".

There are a lot of rock fans in Vitebsk - there were no empty seats in the auditorium. The audience at the concert was rather diverse: from the smallest ones, who came with their parents, to quite serious people. The energy of the band passed on to the public: people danced to every song, and sang along with the artists. When the well-known compositions were performed the audience could sing even without the singers.

Only for a couple of minutes the public turned off the flashlights of the phones and calmed down when, after the song "We sat and smoked", the band announced a short break and left the stage. But the fans were ready to wait as long as they could to plunge back into their favorite music. Literally in a couple of minutes, to deafening exclamations and applause, the "Splean" band returned to the stage and performed their most famous hits.

It looked like the emotions would go overboard with each song.  Both the singers and the audience got a lot of energy and delight. The audience did not want to let the band go, they gave them a storm of applause and shouted "thank you" and "bravo".

Every year, the festival "Slavianski Bazaar" invites different performers and artists, unites different genres and leaves a year-long charge of vital energy. The way the audience reacts makes the artists want to come back again and again. The “Splean” band were of the same opinion.

Russian text by Victoria Puzatko.