18 July 2017


Sergey ZhukovThe “Hands Up” band celebrated its twentieth anniversary with an incendiary night concert in the Summer Amphitheater. Sergey Zhukov, wearing a red sports jacket and worn out jeans, appeared on stage with the song "Dance". Only the red numbers 20 on a black T-shirt reminded us that that was a jubilee concert.
When the song began, the audience rose from their seats and began to dance. The whole hall was swept by a wave of dancing, and Sergey Zhukov spangled the press sitting below.

The soloist talked with the audience, reminded them about a great beautiful journey into their childhood, naïve and little mates, school discos, graduation – everything connected with the band’s history.  The public responded to the song “You're far away,” and almost everyone in the Amphitheater danced to “He Kisses You”.

The singer made the public stand up as it is impossible to sit when “Hands Up” is on stage.Much of the concert was dedicated to the 1990s. Zhukov shared his memories about the discoes of that time, when girls danced, putting their bags on the floor in the center of the circle.

“Ruki Vverh” (“Hands Up”) Band

“Hands up” organized a flash mob. To do this, you had to raise your right hand up, and then slowly lower it, moving your fingers to the song “Lips of a Stranger”.

At the concert of "Ruki Vverh"("Hands Up!") band.

DJ Papin came on stage, set “A music save my soul” and congratulated the band on the 20th anniversary.

Lyrically slow and sad compositions were in the second part of the concert. It looked like the song “Alyoshka” culminated the concert.  But then the disco composition “Ai-yai-yay” get a spark up.

The singer suggested calling friends who discouraged the audience from going to the concert and let them listen to a funny song “So you need it.”Before the song “I am already 18” the singer said that with age, we forget how to have fun.Sergey Zhukov thanked everyone who came to the concert, danced and sang along, recalled his youth with him. The band was really happy to be at the “Slavianski Bazaar” and have such a hospitable public in Belarus.

It was dawn when the concert was over. The audience rose to their feet, leaving the Amphitheatre to the song “The tired toys sleep”.

Russian text by Polina Gritskevich.