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Jul 18, 2018

The concert by Elena Vaenga on 17 July, beyond the official dates of the XXVII International Festival of Arts “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk”, gathered a capacity crowd at the Summer Amphitheatre.

As the singer jokingly admitted, “she was forbidden to speak on the stage”, and she understood it herself that there was too little time for talking, she wanted to sing more of what she loves, what the concert audience expected from her. But, a performer with such a violent temperament, artistic skills cannot change her manner of communication with thousands of people in the amphitheatre! So Vaenga talked, told about her concerns in the world, and introduced her friends. Everyone she invited to come to her solo concert in Vitebsk, accepted the invitation and appeared on thestage with Elena to sing.

The company turned out to be interesting and multinational: a handsome man with a wonderful voice, winner of the XII International Competition of Young Performers “New Wave – 2013” Roberto Kel Torres (Cuba), the participant of the TV project ”The Voice” Achi Purtseladze (Georgia), a longtime friend Intars Busulis (Latvia), the Belarusian singer Anna Mushak, Ludmila Sokolova from Nizhny Novgorod, the singer of chanson Mikhail Bublik and the People's Artist of Russia Alexander Malinin. Vaenga proudly admitted that, perhaps, it was the first time she performed a duet with the People’s Artist, and the audience was touched by the premiere song “Two Souls”.

The program included new and well-known songs: “The Airport”, “Chopin”, “The Queen”, “I Closed the Door”, “Standing Alone Again”.

Elena Vaenga is a diverse singer. Every song is a small show for her, where she is the host on the stage. She can come out in the role of an energetic Latin American, then perform some Bulgarian tunes, then become tender and lyrical.

Vaenga is known to be one of the favorite objects of all impersonators, but no one has solved her mysterious gestures, the ability to sing with hands, eyes, intonation.

Her ability to hype up not only the concert audience, but also her own musicians turned into an incident: one of the guitarists broke a string! So it was just the time to talk with the audience again, what the singer could not afford to refuse.

Elena Vaenga finished her concert with a beautiful interpretation of the Belarusian song “Kupalinka”.