12 July

Today “Puppet Quarter” has hosted the plays by the Belarusian Theatre “Lyalka”.

12 July

Those who have been following the competition of the little artists of the XII International Children Contest “Vitebsk-2014” claim that not many events can boost your energy so much as the “small bazarchik”.

12 July

The festival night concerts have their own special audience who change daytime for night-time to enjoy music and favorite songs till dawn. The Summer Amphitheatre hosted “Stars of Europe” night show featuring top-flight singers of one generation.

12 July

The Youth Day has been held at “Slavianski Bazaar in Vitebsk” for 10 years. Its programme is getting more interesting and eventful with every year.

The details of this year’s event were told at the press conference by the First Secretary of the Central Committee of the Public Association “Belarusian Republican Youth Union” Igor Buzovskiy, director of “Pilot FM” radio station Anatoly Chepikov, Chairman of the Board of Sports Public Association “City Dance” Dmitry Borovik and Chairperson of the Public Association “Auto-America” Alexander Shurin.

“The greater part of the events of the Youth Day is dedicated to the 70th Anniversary of Liberation of Belarus,” noted Igor Buzovskiy. “The parade of youth subcultures “BelaRus” In My Heart!” will go along Lenin Street to Freedom Square and lay flowers to the Eternal Flame at the Memorial Complex to warriors-liberators. In Victory Square there’s a mobile museum exposition “Museum-bus” with the exhibits providing evidence of heroism of the Belarusian people during the Great Patriotic War. The night “Battle of DJs” will also be connected with the war theme.”

The Youth Day programme also features the finals of the youth festival “Fire of Dance-2014”. Winners of selections held in all regions of our country will take part in the nominations “Show Programme”, “Break”, “Latino”, “Street Dance”, “Oriental Dance”. “Our goal is to support young people from small Belarusian cities. We see that every year the number of people wishing to participate in the festival “Fire of Dance” is growing,” said Dmitry Borovik.

Children and youth groups from Grodno, Kobrin, Borisov demonstrated their creativity during the press conference. The performance of “Brass Band Major” from Borisov, prizewinner of international and national festival and contests, and its soloist, little saxophone player Lera Kondratieva, raised a storm of delight in the hall.

All the events announced at the press conference are taking place in Victory Square.

Representatives of the youth subcultures have organized master classes in break dance, beatboxing, cramp dance, hip hop, body art, graffiti and other youth culture music trends. Every region of Belarus presents its best creative projects: KVN, freestyle, bard’s song concerts, rock groups. The Victory Square also hosts exhibitions “Retro Car”, “SuperBike”, “TechnoGrad”, and “AutoSound” festival.

“Battle of DJs “Belarus and Me” arranged by “Pilot FM” radio will crown the day. The dance party, starting at 20.00, will draw the best DJs of Belarus.

Vera Medvetskaya.